Hello friends in Christ, the readings for this Sunday will be Psalm 65:9-13; Isaiah 55:10-13; Romans 8:12-17; Matthew 13:1-9,18-23. “Don’t waste your breath.” It’s a phrase we might use when we encounter someone who is so set in their thinking that no amount of talking will convince them to change. So why waste the words? When it comes to talking about matters of faith, I suspect we can all think of certain people for whom this phrase would come quickly to mind. “Talk about God with him/her? Don’t waste your breath!” This Sunday’s readings describe the unique power of God’s word. Once spoken, “it never returns empty” (Isaiah 55). While many will reject it, others will receive it with surprising joy. Some of that cast seed will produce a harvest, and only God knows where or when (Matt. 13). God’s words have a power all their own. So when it comes to talking about Jesus, your breath is never wasted.