Readings for the 20th Sunday after Pentecost

Genesis 2:5-15; Colossians 3:23-4:6; Matthew 25:31-40

In her 1980’s song, “9 to 5”, Dolly Parton gave popular expression to a something we all have felt: our work isn’t always enjoyable. Sometimes it’s too hard and sometimes it’s a drudgery. Even so, God’s Word tells us that work was intended to be a blessing for mankind, not a punishment. We were made for work, and it’s still very much possible to find the joy in it that our Creator wanted for us (Gen 2).

The biggest key to enjoying our work, is that we see the significance of what we do within the greater plans of God for the world. Our readings point us in the right direction when Paul says we are working “for the Lord, and not for men” (Col 3), or when Jesus says that whatever we do for others we also do for him (Matt 25).

What aspect of the work you do every day brings you the greatest enjoyment?

What aspect of your work brings you the greatest sense of accomplishment?