Dear friends of Jesus, the readings for this Sunday – the third Sunday in Lent – are Psalm 95:1-9; Exodus 17:1-7; Romans 5:1-8; John 4:5-26. This week’s readings remind us that thirst is one of the most powerful and fundamental cravings we humans experience. After hours spent out under the hot sun, after a strenuous physical workout, or after a meal of salty foods our body doesn’t wait for us to take notice. It shouts an instant message to our brains that we can’t ignore – “You need to drink water NOW!” In the Exodus reading, we hear about the very real thirst of the Israelites in the hot desert. This thirst consumes their thoughts and leads them to grumbling against Moses and the LORD. They are so blinded by the reality of their thirst that they have forgotten the greater reality of God’s presence and love. What are you “thirsty” for at this point in your life? (good grades, a loving relationship,  financial stability, etc?) Have you brought this “thirst” of yours to God in humble prayer? Or have you found yourself grumbling instead. After identifying your thirst, remind yourself of what Israel forgot. God knows your needs even better than you do. Do not doubt His love for you. He will provide.  Finally, the reading from John invites us to consider that living water of that God doesn’t want anyone to go without. The sacrificial love of Jesus can satisfy our greatest thirst of all and help us to be content in all circumstances. God bless all that you do this week!