Readings for Lent 4

(John 3:14-21)  God doesn’t want anyone to be condemned for their sins. He wants all people to look to Jesus and see him for what he is. Jesus is God’s best gift – His peace offering to humanity. Condemnation is reserved only for those who stubbornly refuse to believe in God’s chosen means of healing.

 (Ephesians 2:1-10)  God is the sole agent of our salvation. We were spiritually dead before God Himself brought us back to life. From repentance to faith to sanctified living, every step of our faith journey requires the work of the Holy Spirit.

 (Numbers 21:4-9)  The LORD had enough of the peoples’ faithless grumbling and sent venomous snakes to punish them. After their cry for help, He provided an antidote by means of a bronze serpent held up on a pole. Those who looked up in faith at this sign of healing were saved from death. This incident foreshadowed Jesus lifted up on the cross as the sign of our healing.

When we focus on ourselves, only two outcomes are possible: pride or despair. Which of these are you more likely to fall into? What helps you to stay focused on the saving deeds of Jesus?