Good morning, friends of Jesus! The readings for this coming Sunday are Matthew 14:13-21; Romans 9:1-5; Isaiah 55:1-5; Psalm 136:1-9. Read through them carefully and they might just make your stomach growl, because they are mostly about food.


So what are you hungry for? In this country our options are dizzying. From All-You-Can-Eat Sunday buffets to Dollar Menu drive-through bargains, there is something out their to satisfy every kind of appetite. So what are you hungry for? God sent his Son into a world that was starving for something more than simple food could provide (Matt. 14). Still today, people are starved for direction, for hope, for grace in their lives. Jesus and his teachings are the only food that can satisfy this deepest kind of hunger. Sadly, many people still try to fill themselves up on things other than Jesus — food, entertainment, money, romance — only to find themselves continually unsatisfied (Is. 55). What would it look like to hunger for God the way we hunger for our favorite foods? What do these Scripture readings tell you about God’s desire and ability to keep you well fed?