Readings for the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Luke 10:38-42; Colossians 1:21-29; Genesis 18:1-10a

The doormat on our front porch greets visitors with a friendly word, “Welcome”! But what does that welcome look and feel like once a person has gotten past the front door? Sunday’s readings tell of two occasions when people welcomed God into their homes.

     The Old Testament reading describes how Abraham welcomed three strangers who turned out to be messengers of the LORD Himself. With eager joy, Abraham washes their feet and prepares a lavish feast. At the end of their visit, the LORD promises the elderly couple that within a year’s time they will have a son (Gen 18). In a similar way, Martha welcomes Jesus into her home. Yet she is “distracted…anxious and troubled” not only by the cooking and serving, but even more because her sister Mary sits at Jesus’ feet not helping. Welcoming Jesus into our homes begins not with our serving him but with his serving us – feeding us, really, with his gracious instruction (Luke 10).

     The Epistle reading gives further insight on what we receive when we sit at Jesus’ feet. When we listen to God’s Word the wisdom of Christ grows in us and we mature in our faith. Faith, hope and love all increase in us and we are enabled, like Paul, to keep serving God and our neighbor with a happy heart (Col 1)