Readings for the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Matthew 13:24-30;  Romans 8:18-27;  Isaiah 44:6-8

This isn’t what I expected! What a disappointment – what a letdown! How do you tend to respond when results don’t live up to your expectations?

The first two readings for Sunday both wrestle with the fact that life in the Kingdom of God is not all that glorious – at least, not to our eyes. In our Gospel Jesus tells a parable explaining why there are hypocrites and fake Christians within the Church, and how Jesus intends  to address the problem. What we might see as negligence on God’s part is, in fact, His patience and mercy for a sin-sick world (Matt 13).

In the second reading, the apostle Paul describes the Christian’s life in this age as a time of hopeful waiting. God is not deaf to our groaning under the weight of sin’s corruption. Very soon, all creation will witness the full and final redemption of humankind. Best of all will be the glorification of our mortal bodies as they are transformed into the likeness of Christ. Watch and pray for the arrival of this great day! (Rom 8).