St. Paul Lutheran Church
Utica, Nebraska
November 17, 2013

Call to Order: 1:38 PM by Chairman Myron Schmieding with 51 voters present.
Prayer: by Pastor Dunbar to open the meeting.
Election: The ballot was presented. The chairman noted that there is currently only one name for Chairman due to a late resignation. No names were submitted. Motion and second to cease nominations; motion carried. Balloting proceeded.
Secretary Minutes: Minutes from the August 13, 2013, have been published in the Grapevine newsletter and on the website. There were no corrections. Minutes approved as printed.
Treasurer’s report: Will defer to the budgeting process under New Business.

PASTOR’S REPORT: (Membership changes through July 31, 2013)
Baptisms: Annabelle Lancaster, daughter of Todd and Sarah Lancaster, on August 11th.
Funerals: Marvin Volzke, services on August 14th.
Annette “Netty” Fehlhafer. Services on October 25th.
Transfer In: Joshua Rausch from Immanuel, Columbus, NE; Christina Rausch from Emmanuel, York, NE; Dennis and Lois Richters from Holy Cross, Goehner, NE;
Jason & Nancy Richters, Haden, Carson and Ryan from Holy Cross, Goehner, NE;
From Zion at Thayer, NE —-
Billie Flick & Tex; Amanda Georges, Derek & Dominic; Gale and Carol Gruber;
Wayne and Denise Gruber & Clinton; Zachary Gruber; Wade Heine; Wayne and
Peggy Heine; Darla Matlock; David Matlock; Maynard and Rosie Matlock; Robert
Matlock; Douglas and Terese Ziemke, Katie & Jackie.
Transfer Out: Splittgerber family: Kelly and Cassandra, Maddingly, Kavanaugh, Broderick, Emmalynne, and Audrianna to Christ Lutheran in Columbus, NE.
Releases: None.
Weddings: Melissa Winkelmann and Steven Pierce on August 10, 2013
Confirmed: Adults—Holly Borchers; Katie Borchers
Pastor Dunbar commented on the recently dedicated Bell Tower and Carillon. Both pastors have continued their visitations for shut-ins, nursing home and hospitalized. An adult December Bible study is planned by Pastor Gudgel. Thanksgiving services will be held on the 28th of this month and Advent begins the 1st Wednesday in December. Both pastors thank everyone so much for their thoughtfulness during the month of October for Pastor Appreciation Month.

Due to health insurance regulations, the church office secretary is scheduled for 29 hrs. per week and will be paid a “yearly” salary, divided in appropriate increments throughout the year.
Youth and Christian Life: Josh is having the Jr Youth meet on the 1st and 3rd Sunday evenings. In January will try having this every Sunday evening. 25 students attended a Jr. Youth Retreat. For the Sr. Youth the churches in our area are attempting to hold Area Quarterly youth gatherings. The first one will be a Lock-in at St. John-rural Waco.
Josh is also facilitating Bible Studies for Women and Men on a weekly basis.

November, 2013, Voters Assembly Minutes continued Page 2
The roof the east wing of the school has has sealing coats applied by Tillotson Enterprises with a 3rd coat planned for next Spring. There is a 12-year warranty with this, and the cost is about $14,000.
Jodi Foxvog has resigned her position as school janitor. Amy Bender has accepted the offer for this position.

BOARD OF EDUCATION: Mr. Brauer, Principal
The Christmas celebration for the school will be held on December 15th at 6:30 PM.
The Grand Pals from our congregation met with each class once this fall and will plan to do so in the spring again.
Thanks to everyone for helping support the School Fall Bazaar today.

SUNDAY SCHOOL: Mike Rathjen, superintendent
No report.

No report.

No report.

In October the Outreach Board plus Pastor Dunbar and a few other church members attended an ROC (Regional Outreach Conference) in Omaha hosted by Lutheran Hour Ministries.
The Prayer Walk held here in Utica and felt to be a success. It was a low-key outreach to the community, to say “hello” and to offer to pray for the needs of the people. Hope to do it again in the future sometime.
Will plan for an evening movie night in January.

Building Needs Study Committee: Only 4 people have stepped forward and the goal is to have around 10 people. After the first of the year we will make another attempt to seek volunteers for this committee.

Dissolve the Bell Tower Committee: Motion and second to dissolve this committee with the thanks of the congregation. Motion carried.
The treasurer reviewed a summary sheet of the church finances to date, including restricted funds. Motion and second to approve the report; motion carried.
2014 Budget Process: See attached sheets.
Chad Hammer, treasurer, reviewed the Proposed Budget as prepared by the treasurer and the Church Council. Chad gave a good explanation of various accounts and answered any questions. There was a question regarding a “Thrivent Investment Account”. It was explained that this money is for the Building Fund and was kept on hand in case of a shortage some month. This money is to be used for the Building Debt.

November, 2013, Voters Assembly Minutes continued Page 3

NEW BUSINESS continued
Motion made and second to approve the budget as presented.
Discussion: The teacherage repair has not yet been completed, as proposed two years ago. It is estimated to cost $10,000. Motion was amended to include this repair item and the second to the motion agreed. Motion for the amendment carried. Vote then taken for the amended motion for Budget approval; Motion carried.

Josh Rausch, Mike Hahn, Sue Sullivan and Elwood “Woody” Ziegler requested voting membership. Motion and second to approve their membership. Motion carried.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion and second to adjourn the meeting; motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Announcement: The Installation of the new officers will be on January 5, 2014.

Election results:
Chairman: Tim Heidorn Elder: Mike Hahn and Doug Tonniges;
Treasurer: Chad Hammer Secretary: Sue Sullivan
Bd of Ed: Chris Ziegler Outreach: OJ Utter
Stewardship: Malrie Fuehrer; Trustee: Eugene Wiese, Matt Luebbe

Respectfully submitted,
Colleen Classen, secretary