Hello friends!

This Sunday at jr. high youth group we’re going to capitalize on the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day and we’ll have 3 different stories about that great gift of God, love, and we’ll be tying each story to the famous 1 Corinthians 13 where the Apostle Paul helps us to understand what love is really about.

  1. Christian The Lion– A lion cub is rescued from being auctioned off, then reintroduced into a pride. But what happens when the men who saved him reunite with their now wild Lion?
  2. All My Friends Are Dead– A completely goofy look at friendship in all of it’s various forms. What’s it mean to be & have friends?
  3. Manure – An artist tries to make a point about how we God uses our families to teach us to reflect Jesus’ love to the world, using compost? It may not go how he wants it too…

This will be a silly and memorable take on a very important question: What is love & how do we use it?

Thanks everyone!