Readings for “The Baptism of Our Lord”

Luke 3:15-22; Romans 6:1-11; Isaiah 43:1-7

What do a remote control car, a cellphone, and a flashlight all have in common? They require batteries in order to do what they were made to do. And what is the “battery” that powers you as a Christian? It is the Holy Spirit – true God and 3rd person of the Holy Trinity moving and working inside of you. Without the Holy Spirit’s presence and activity in us, we are unable to love God and serve Him.

Luke’s account of Jesus’ baptism highlights the work of the Holy Spirit who descends on him at the Jordan River and empowers everything Jesus does throughout the rest of his ministry (Luke 3). St. Paul makes a connection to our own baptism, where the sinful nature is killed and our sanctified nature is born. This change in us would be impossible without the imparting – and continued indwelling – of the Holy Spirit through baptism (Rom 6). The Old Testament lesson offers a beautiful promise that God is near to us even, perhaps especially, when we are suffering (Is 43).

You are a temple of the Holy Spirit. God lives in you.