Hello friends,

This week at Jr. High youth group we’re going to meet back up with our friends at The Bible Project to look at the first half of the book of Exodus and see how in God’s deliverance of his people from Egypt we can already see the groundwork being laid for the Good News of salvation through Christ.

You can watch the video here and then we’ll be discussing these questions:

•How does knowing about God’s promises to Abraham help us understand the problem of Israel’s slavery? What will happen if God doesn’t save the Israelites?

•How does the Passover lamb point to what Jesus has done for us?

•Why do you think the story of what God did for Israel in Egypt is still important for us?

•Why did the Israelites grumble against God? How do you think you would have acted?

Thank you all!

Just a friendly reminder that it’s the fourth Sunday of the month, so 5th & 6th grade will be having youth group this week. 5:30pm-6:30pm.