Hello friends,

This week at Jr. High youth group we’re going to continue our series called “The Art of Living: Being A Broken Person in Broken World” wherein we’ll be talking about how, as God’s children redeemed through Christ, we still have to deal with the effects of sin both in ourselves and in the world, using art to help us process the issues we find.

This week we’re going to talk about our emotions and how they have a way of effecting our lives in major ways. We’ll be reading scriptures from the books of Jeremiah and Hebrews as we learn how fickle and unreliable our emotions can be, and what we have that we can cling too instead.

Spoiler Alert: It’s Jesus. 

Discussion Questions

Why do you think we our emotions have so much power over us?

What makes our emotions unreliable?

Why is trusting Jesus better than trusting ourselves?