Hello friends,

This week at Sr. High Youth group we’re going to be starting a new 3-week series called “The Art of Living: Being A Broken Person in Broken World” wherein we’ll be talking about how, as God’s children redeemed through Christ, we still have to deal with the effects of sin both in ourselves and in the world, using the lens of art to help us deal with issues we find.

This week we’ll be looking at the important role authenticity plays in art and, consequently, in our own lives. We’ll examine some examples of authentic and inauthentic art, learn about a street artist from Britain who manages to be totally authentic and anonymous, and most importantly hear the words of Jesus from Luke 18:9-17.

Our ultimate objective is to leave this first session emboldened to be authentic, meaning we’re able to admit our weakness and our total dependence on the Grace of God.

Thanks everyone!

The Art of Living (2016).001