Good afternoon! The readings for this upcoming Sunday are as follows: Psalm 111; Ruth 1:1-19a; 2 Timothy 2:1-13; Luke 17:11-19. Anyone who’s ever gotten an anonymous card or gift knows the awkwardness of feeling grateful but not knowing whom to thank. The Luke reading tells of a Samaritan (foreign) leper who returns to thank Jesus even while 9 Israelite lepers continue on their way. Were the other nine not grateful to have been healed? We aren’t told. What is clear from their actions is that, at the very least, they didn’t see Jesus as deserving of their thanks. Where do we give credit when blessings come our way? Blind luck, good karma, or patting oneself on the back are all popular options. But for the Christian the answer is always Jesus, for we know that all good things ultimately come through him. God be with you this week.