Good afternoon, St. Paul friends! Next Sunday, which is the final Sunday in the church calendar year, is sometimes referred to as “Christ the King” Sunday. The readings will be Psalm 46; Malachi 3:1-13-18; Colossians 1:13-20; Luke 23:35-43. Isn’t it true that we are known, to some extent, by those who lead us — for better or worse? Consider the poor citizens of Toronto, Canada whose city has become something of a laughingstock lately due to the shameful and all-too-public antics of its mayor, Rob Ford. Scripture reminds us that our own leader and king, Jesus Christ, was once the laughingstock of the world (Luke 23:35). The difference with Jesus, of course, is that the scorn he suffered was not the result of his shameful behavior, but ours.  We will find no greater leader, no one more worthy of our trust, our loyalty and devotion than King Jesus. How will the leadership of Christ show itself in your life today? How will you make known to others that Christ – and Christ alone – is your King?