The readings for Sunday, Lent 1 are: Mark 1:9-15; James 1:12-18; Genesis 22:1-18; Psalm 25:1-10.

In the Gospel reading, we return to the scene of Jesus’ baptism, this time to take note of what happens immediately afterwards. He is taken into the wilderness so that his obedience to the Father may be put to the test by Satan (Mk 1).

In the Epistle reading, James encourages us with the promiseĀ that all those who persevere through spiritual trials will be rewarded by God with the crown of life. Our Father only gives good gifts (Js 1).

In the Old Testament reading, Abraham’s faith is tested when God tells him to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Abraham learns through the experience that God will always give us his best (Gen 22).

Where in your life are you currently most vulnerable to temptation?

What people or resources has God provided to help you stand fast?