Hello, friends in Christ. I hope this morning’s hail didn’t cause you too much damage or anxiety. Through every storm, the LORD is with us. The readings for this Sunday are Psalm 91:1-10; Jeremiah 20:7-13; Romans 6:12-23; Matthew 10:21-33. On most Sundays through the summer, you will notice that the Gospel and Old Testament readings are thematically linked while the Epistle reading goes its own way on a continuous trek through the book of Romans. Have you ever had to speak hard words to someone you cared about? The prophet Jeremiah had a very unpopular message to deliver, and his reading gives you some idea of the mood swings this prophet suffered as he wrestled with the unenviable task of speaking God’s truth. Like Jeremiah, the apostles of Jesus would face mistreatment and rejection as they spoke the truth about their Savior. The world is full of people who are willing to tell you only what you want to hear. Far more rare (and precious0 is the friend who loves you enough to tell you the truth, even when the truth hurts. God, give us humble hearts to welcome such a friend into our lives; God, give us courage and faith to be such a friend to others. Have a blessed week!