Readings for Easter Sunday

Matthew 28:1-10; Colossians 3:1-4; Acts 10:34-43

It’s with a mixture of fear and great joy that the women leave the scene of Christ’s empty tomb with those words of the angel still ringing in their ears: “See…Go…Tell!” Fear and great joy might seem like an odd pairing, but keep in mind we are talking about the most stunning and decisive event in human history. Had you and I been there, we too would have been overwhelmed by the resurrection of Jesus (Matt 28).

While our Gospel reading records the facts of the event itself, our other two readings spell out some of the consequences of that event. Because Christ was raised from the dead, all who believe in him have peace with God and eternal life. We need not fear the Day of Judgement because we know the Judge and he is our Savior (Acts 10). In his letter to early Christians, Paul explains that believers in Christ have already experienced death and resurrection. Our sinful nature has been crucified with Christ and our new Spirit-operated self cannot be destroyed – even by physical death (Col 3).

This is life-changing news for all people on earth. Let’s all heed the angel’s command: “See…Go…Tell!”