Hello friends!

This week at jr. high youth group we’re going to be following up the topic from a couple weeks ago, “Justification” by talking about another important theological term ‘sanctification.’

If justification is how our sins are forgiven, sanctification is how we grow in our faith. This is possibly one of the most mis-understood parts of the Christian life, and our common misunderstanding is that we grow through our own will-power, that we can draw on our inner strength to do the work of God. The truth is so much better!

In John 6:25-29 Jesus makes clear that best ‘work’ we can do for God is to believe in Him. To be sure, growing in our faith and exercising our faith muscles are important, but the best way to do that isn’t to pretend that we’re holy, but to trust in what God has done for us, through Jesus! The more we trust and cling to Jesus’ work for us, the more we see Jesus working through us.

Every day we flee to the finished work of Christ for the strength to be His people.

Discussion Questions

•Why is sanctification an important part of the Christians life?

•Why is it important that we make our faith visible parts of our lives?

•Why is it better to trust in Jesus than in ourselves?

Sanctification Youth Group Guide

Just a reminder that both 5th/6th and 7th/8th will meet this week.

Hope to see everyone there!