Readings for Good Shepherd Sunday

(John 10:11-18) – Jesus, our Good Shepherd, is fully committed to us his sheep. There is no wound he cannot cure. He cannot be “chased off” in the face of danger. Like his Father, he loves us beyond measure.

(1 John 3:16-24) – The Resurrection of Jesus means a new way of living for us, what we might call  “resurrection living”. This includes having an open heart that’s willing to share the bounty of our possessions with those in need. Love is more than a feeling. Love is proven in deed and truth.

(Acts 4:1-12) – There is power in the resurrection of Jesus! See how his name brought healing to a crippled beggar. See how his name injected courage and boldness into the hearts of Peter and John, causing them to fearlessly preach the good news of Easter before a hostile crowd.

John describes generosity toward those in need as one way that we “lay down our lives” for the sake of others. Generosity is a mark of resurrection living. Where, and how, is God calling you to be generous today with what you have?