Readings for 3rd Sunday of Easter

Acts 9:1-22; Revelation 5:1-14; John 21:1-14

      The readings from Acts and John both record post-resurrection appearances of Jesus. While there are notable differences, it’s the similarities that are most interesting. In both cases Jesus appears at an unexpected place and time to people who are preoccupied with their own projects. In both cases there is an initial inability to see that also signals a spiritual blindness. This leads to a gracious restoring of sight, accompanied – interestingly enough – by eating food, which is yet another sign of our restored relationship with God. (Acts 9, John 21). Heaven is filled with loud praises for God’s Lamb who alone is worthy to accomplish His plan of salvation for the world (Rev 5).

Where have you seen Jesus? You will always find him in his words and his sacraments. But this doesn’t mean his influence is confined to the church. You will also have opportunity to give and receive Jesus’ help during your travels and while you’re at work. The Risen Christ is everywhere to be found!