Hello friends,

This week at Sr. High Youth Group we’re going to wrapping up our series: “Relationships: Life with the people we love, hate, and tolerate.” This week we’ll be talking about romantic relationships, what they are, what they aren’t, and what they’re for.

Romantic relationships can be a tricky topic, namely because we all can get kind of confused about the why of their existence. Why did God design us with these desires to connect with a significant other? What is He trying to teach us? And why do they get so messed up sometimes?

We’ll be exploring selections from Genesis as we try to understand what it means to be made in the image of God and what our romantic relationships are really for. 

Discussion Questions

What do you think most teenagers would say that romantic relationships are for?

What’s one thing that you think you personally need in a relationship?

What are some ways that our romantic relationships can help remind us of Jesus’ love for us?

What do you find most confusing about romantic relationships?

Thanks everyone!

***Next Wednesday evening(Nov. 25th) is the St. Paul Thanksgiving Worship service. All your youth are invited to come enjoy worship, and then after we’ll have an open gym/game night for anyone who wants to hang around.