Hello friends,

This week at Sr. High Youth Group we’re going to be continuing our mini-series called Relationships: Life with the people we love, hate, and tolerate. As we explore the different relationships we have in our lives, we’re focusing on three main sets of relationships: Friends, Family, and Romantic. This week we’ll be talking about Family. 

Why do we have such unique relationships with our families? Why do we feel such strong love for them, but at the same time get so annoyed by them? Why is it that our families shape us more than anything else in this world, except the grace of Jesus? Maybe the way we summarize all the questions we have about our families is by asking, what are our families for? What’s God’s purpose?

We’ll be digging through a often mis-understood passages in Ephesians 5 & 6 and talking about what God tells us in His Word about how our families should work, but more importantly how our families exist to mirror God’s love and grace.

Thanks everyone!

Discussion Questions:

When is it hardest for you to love your family?

What might God be teaching us through our family’s love for one another?

How does the good, bad, & ugly of family life remind us of Jesus?

FYI: If the current forecast holds, we might have a stormy day tomorrow. I will plan on having youth group regardless, and leave it to your discretion as to whether or not you want your students traveling.