Readings for the Fifth Sunday in Lent

Ezekiel 37:1-14; Romans 8:1-11; John 11:1-45

On your journey to a happy destination, if you had the choice of passing through a dark tunnel of unknowns to get there, or of taking a well-lit path over it, the choice would be easy. Who prefers the dark?

“Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” Martha speaks the truth. Jesus knew of Lazarus’ fatal illness and might easily have prevented his friend’s death. Yet, in his divine wisdom Jesus used Lazarus’ death to perform a miracle far greater than healing. A resurrection from the dead (Jn 11).

God’s power to undo death is a running theme of this Sunday’s readings. In the Old Testament lesson Ezekiel watches the LORD restore life to an entire valley of dry bones, representing the restoration of Israel’s faith in the LORD (Ez 37).

In the epistle lesson, the Paul reminds us that our life and peace come from nowhere else but the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of us. This same Spirit that once set dry bones rattling again to life has already brought new spiritual life to you, and will finish His work in you on the day of your bodily resurrection (Rom 8).

What dark tunnel is God allowing you to pass through today? Look for the ways He will use your experience to show His power and glory.