Readings for Palm Sunday

John 12:12-33; Philippians 2:5-11; Zechariah 9:9-12

Some prayers are good and dangerous. “Lord, teach me patience!” is one such example. He will, but you probably won’t like His way of doing it. Another (and for the same reason) is, “Lord, make me humble!” True humility does not come naturally to any of us. Pride, that oldest and sneakiest of sins, that is our nature. The most popular idol today is self.

But humility is at the core of Jesus’ nature. His entire earthly life was one of servanthood. Still today, he reigns in heaven for the sake of others. He is our humble and righteous king. He came to bring us peace, to set us free and restore our broken lives (Zc 9, Jn 12).

And through the Holy Spirit’s working, the humility and righteousness of Jesus begin to rub off on us. The more we fix our eyes of him, the more our hearts and minds become shaped and molded by God to resemble more of Christ’s nature. We are humbled. Praise God, what a gift! (Ph 2)