Reading for 6th Sunday of Easter

Isaiah 30:18-21; Ephesians 2:19-22; John 14:1-14

What are the marks of spiritual maturity?

     With this being Confirmation Sunday at St. Paul’s, it is a natural question for all of us to ask. What qualities do we expect to see in our confirmands, and in ourselves, as signs that our faith is growing?

     While there are many possible answers, let’s look where the readings point us. The mature man or woman of God exercises spiritual patience. Though we must, at times, eat “the bread of adversity…and water of affliction”, we don’t give up on God because we know He hasn’t given up on us (Is 30).

     A second mark of maturity is knowing the value of a faith community. Following Jesus might feel lonely at times, but it’s never truly a solitary venture. We are together God’s household of faith. Not only is Jesus our cornerstone, but we can draw strength and support from one another (Eph 2).

     And third, mature Christians know that we follow a person – not just a set of ideas. Growing in faith doesn’t mean accumulating all the answers to life’s  questions. It’s more about trusting Christ to be “the way, the truth, and the life” in the midst of circumstances we can’t fully understand  (John 14).