Good morning! The readings for this coming Sunday are as follows: Psalm 41; Leviticus 19:9-18; Colossians 1:1-14; Luke 10:25-37. We’ll also be blessed to witness the baptism of Calem Miller, son of Noelle (Richters) Miller during worship.

The Old Testament and Gospel readings both deal with the question of what it means to “love your neighbor”. In his own preaching and teaching, Jesus set a very high standard for those who would follow him (see Luke 6:20ff). We hear in our Gospel reading about a clever lawyer who’s looking for a loophole. By asking for a clarification on who is his neighbor the lawyer hopes to limit the number and kind of people he must love. But Jesus sees right through his question. The point of the Good Samaritan parable is that there are no limits to whom God wants us to love.

Where we do we draw the line when caring for others? Is that line based on ethnicity or tax-bracket? What about family ties or reputation around town? Our “neighbor” may be anyone who is “nearby”, that is anyone whom God may bring into our proximity. And knowing God, it probably won’t be someone we’re expecting. Praise the Lord! His Love knows no Limits!