Readings for the 4th Sunday in Lent

John 3:14-21; Ephesians 2:1-10; Numbers 21:4-9

Look, and live! It certainly was strange medicine the LORD gave His people in the desert to heal them of their snake bites. Anyone who heeded His invitation to look up and behold the bronze snake-an emblem of suffering and pain- was saved from death. God’s manner of saving never will make sense to the human mind (Num 21).

Jesus interprets this strange sign for us in the Gospel reading. He is the bronze serpent lifted up on a cross for all the world to see. Look up at him in faith. Trust that his death has fully covered your sins (Jn 3). Believe that there is nothing more you can or must do to be given eternal life. Jesus has borne the burden you could not carry yourself. That is how divine grace works (Eph 2).

What are you looking at these days? Are you focused on circumstances that are out of your control? Do you spend hours hashing and rehashing your past screw-ups and present flaws? Look up! Fix your eyes on Jesus. See his cross and empty grave. See his arms reached out, inviting you to come and rest. See his eyes beholding you with kindness and love. Look up, behold your Savior, and live!