Dear brothers and sisters in faith, the readings for this Sunday are Psalm 142; Isaiah 42:14-21; Ephesians 5:8-14; John 9:1-41. Have you ever looked directly at the sun when it was high in the sky? Big mistake! The same light that illuminates the world for us can also make us blind when we underestimate its power. Jesus calls himself this world’s true and only Light. He is the Light predicted in Isaiah’s day. Ephesians tells us to walk in the Light of Christ today. Yet so many people, refusing to acknowledge Christ’s power and authority, are blinded to the truth. It is a terrible irony that even the word “enlightened” is now quite often used to describe those who have rejected all religion in favor of “purified” forms of truth offered by secular science and reason. The fact is, without Christ our view of life grows not only darker but also smaller and less meaningful. High school and college-aged Christians are in particular need of encouragement as they step out into a larger world that is increasingly hostile to religious truth. Christian faith may be simple and child-like. But that’s not to say that it’s simplistic. In fact, only in Christ are we able to see the full beauty and complexity of the world and its 7 billion inhabitants. In Christ we see more, not less. Life becomes more interesting, more purposeful, more joyful, more abundant as we see not only more of the world but more of the One who made it and is on course to redeem it. Where is Jesus’ Light shining in your life this week? What has He illuminated and helped you to see?