Good Monday morning! The lessons for this coming Sunday are: Psalm 66:1-7; Isaiah 66:10-14; Galatians 6:1-10,14-18; Luke 10:1-20.
The Luke reading tells us how Jesus sent out 72 of his disciples to preach and heal in his name. Before sending them out, Jesus gives them specific instructions for their time along the way. They will have power to perform healing miracles. They will have authority to speak divine promises and divine warnings. And (perhaps to keep them from getting too big-headed) they will learn to depend on others. They will lean on their partners, having been sent in pairs. They will lean on their “host families”, having been told to stay in one place and live off the hospitality of others. Most of all, they will be leaning on the Lord, without whom nothing would be possible. Before Jesus ever says “go” (v.3) he first says, “pray” (v.2).

Being dependent on someone else is a hard for many people to do. The virtues of self-reliance and independence are so drummed into us that we come to despise (or dread) the thought of leaning on others. But life in the Kingdom of God requires us to lean on each other. We are warned not to try and “go it alone”. How are you depending on fellow Christians as you walk the Way?