Readings for Christmas Day

John 1:1-14; Hebrews 1:1-6; Isaiah 52:7-10

“Let heaven and nature sing!” When you think about the birth of Jesus, most likely you picture the events described in Matthew and Luke’s Gospels: angels and shepherds, Joseph and Mary, and the baby in a manger. John’s contribution is unique because he “zooms out” to show us what Christmas looks like from a God’s eye view. John gives us an eternal, cosmic perspective on the birth of Jesus.

Who is the baby lying in a manger? He is the eternal Word, the Light of the world, and Creator of the universe! We marvel that our Almighty God stooped so low and drew so near to our dark and sin-weary world. Now His healing light shines shines for all to see (John 1).

The writer of Hebrews shares this same cosmic vision- issuing a stream of accolades for Christ. Heir of all! Creator of the world! Radiance of God’s glory! The angels in heaven join our worship in fulfillment of the hymn – “Let heaven and nature sing!” (Heb 1).

Isaiah invites us to a celebration of the LORD’s return to Zion, that is, to us. The LORD’s arrival – long ago at Christmas and soon again on the Last Day – is cause for singing. He comes for the comfort and healing of His people (Is 52).