Readings for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

(John 15:1-8) – Jesus is the vine and we are his branches. We are only able to produce spiritual fruit so long as we remain connected to Jesus. That connection consists of regularly hearing and putting our trust in his words.

(1 John 4:1-11) – We belong to God. The Holy Spirit that lives in us is stronger than the spirit of corruption, evil, and falsehood that lives in the world. The source of our love is God’s love for us.

(Acts 8:26-40) – The Holy Spirit sends Philip to share the good news of Jesus with an Ethiopian eunuch. Having heard this good news, his first desire is to be baptized. God still uses preachers and teachers to help us explain and apply God’s Word today.

We need the words of Christ to fill our hearts and minds just like we need air to fill our lungs and food to fill our stomachs. God’s Word is the only source of spiritual Life.