Readings for Fourth Sunday in Lent

          John 9:1-39; Ephesians 5:8-14; Isaiah 42:14-21

You may have noticed on your calendar that today is the spring equinox – that means equal hours of light and dark. What a long way we’ve come from the depth of winter when sunlight was most scarce. It’s a good reminder how necessary light is for life. All of creation is responding to the sun’s warmth. Lawns are greening, trees are showing their buds…and people are smiling more easily!

In our Gospel reading for Sunday Jesus says: “I am the light of the world”. He heals a man born blind. The religious leaders may have 20/20 vision, yet spiritually they remain blind to God’s work being done right before their eyes. They get angry and defensive and mean, yet the Son’s love shines on (Jn 9).

The Old Testament reading is a promise that the coming Messiah (Jesus) would come to visit God’s stumbling, fumbling and ignorant people. He takes us by the hand and, removing the obstacles in our way, guides us along a right path (Is 42).

The apostle Paul, writing in our Epistle reading, reminds us that Christ’s death and resurrection are both essential for our salvation. By his death we are reconciled to God the Father. By his resurrection from the dead we are healed and restored to be God’s new creation (Eph 5).