Readings for the 4th Sunday in Advent

Matthew 1:18-25; Romans 1:1-7; Isaiah 7:10-17

“Unplanned. Messy. Complicated. Confusing.” So much about Joseph and Mary’s experience as first time parents was exactly what none of us would ever want. And yet…this was God’s chosen way. His plan for delivering humanity from sin came as a blessed intrusion on two ordinary lives (Matt 1). Sunday’s readings remind us that God’s wisdom will always be greater than man’s, even when that wisdom disrupts our planning and confounds our thinking.

God intruded in a similar way upon the wisdom of King Ahaz and the people of Israel when He ordered them to stop relying on conventional military strategy and start trusting in God instead. The sign of God’s reliability would a child born of a virgin – Immanuel (Is 7).

The apostle Paul experienced his own divine intrusion when God set him straight on the road to Damascus and appointed him to be the bearer of Good News for the nations. Through the life, death and resurrection of the unique God-Man, Jesus Christ, we have received grace for living lives of obedience to Christ, bringing glory to his name (Rom 1).