Hello friends,

We’re officially in the church season of Lent, a time when we reflect on our own humanity; our imperfections, our sins, and we remember the forgiveness that Jesus won for us.

Because Lent is a season when our discussions can feel a bit pessimistic in tone, this week at youth group I wanted to talk about sin, Jesus, and optimism. We’re going to read a selection of verses from 2 Corinthians that talk about the greatness of the Gospel, and how even in our sin this wonderful message of forgiveness through Jesus has been entrusted to us.

As we reflect on our weakness in light of Jesus’ strength, this actually gives us hope! Hope that we’re not depending on our own goodness, and hope that Jesus isn’t going to give up on us or leave us.

Real optimism isn’t a blind refusal of anything bad, but real optimism sees the whole picture; our weakness and Jesus’ strength. Real optimism knows that there’s someone greater than the troubles we face and the sin we commit, and that is a hope that won’t disappoint us.

Discussion Questions

•Why is admitting our weaknesses good for our relationship with God?

•Why is it good for our relationships with other people?

•How is real different optimism different from blind optimism?

5th & 6th grade will be meeting this week! If the weather holds, I hope to play some games outside to enjoy it, so please have your child wear a sweater or jacket if they think they’ll need one.

Thank you everyone!