Readings for Lent 3

John 2:13-22; 1 Corinthians 1:18-31; Exodus 20:1-17

In the Gospel Jesus is confronted by the religious leaders after driving the profit-makers out of the temple. This was the only place that Gentile converts to Judaism were allowed to gather and pray in the temple, and the noisy commerce was a distraction from their worship. The leadership demanded a sign from Jesus as proof of his authority to do such a thing.

In the Epistle, St. Paul describes how incomprehensibly foolish the idea of a crucified Savior is to those who don’t trust God. Some demand proof from Him before they will believe while others demand that the Gospel make perfect logical sense. Neither group can understand how strength can be found in weakness.

In the Old Testament, God has liberated His people from slavery in the human sense. Now through the giving of the 10 commandments He shows His desire that they also be free from slavery to sin. The freedom of the Gospel should never be confused with freedom from God. He calls us to worship Him exclusively and live a holy life.

In what way is your intellect a support to your faith in God? Are there times when it becomes a hindrance to your faith?