Readings for the 4th Sunday after the Epiphany are: Mark 1:21-28; 1 Corinthians 8:1-13; Deuteronomy 18:15-20; Psalm 111.

In the Old Testament reading, God chooses to speak through prophets like Moses because direct communication with the Almighty was too frightening for the people. The measure of a true prophet is their strict adherence to the Word of God as opposed to the words of men (Deut.18).

In the Epistle reading, St. Paul admonishes all Christians to temper their knowledge with love. Whether you are a prophet or not you are obliged to speak the truth always in love, taking into account the effect your words may have especially on a less mature Christian. (1 Cor.8)

In the Gospel reading, Jesus manifests himself at Capernaum as God’s true and greatest prophet. As the Son of God his voice carries all the authority of his Heavenly Father, able to cleanse as well as instruct. At the sound of his voice, the darkness flees. (Mark 1)

What are the voices in your life that you trust to speak the truth? What tools do you use to help you distinguish truth from fiction?