Readings for the Sixth Sunday of Easter

Acts 16:9-15; Revelation 21:9-14, 21-27; John 5:1-9

Bad luck? Happy accident? Strange coincidence? There are no such things in God’s Kingdom! The Lord of the harvest was opening (and closing) doors in order to guide Paul and his companions to the exact right place and time. By a river near Philippi they met Lydia, who, through conversation about Jesus the Messiah, would become the first Christian convert on the continent of Europe and a big supporter of Paul’s mission work (Ac 16). Where and to whom is the Lord guiding your footsteps for the sake of His kingdom?

In the Gospel lesson for Sunday, Jesus heals a man who’d been an invalid for 38 years. The man laments his lack of access to the healing waters of the Bethesda pool. But all the man really needs is a word from God’s Son: “Take up your bed and walk!” (Jn 5)

In John’s vision of heaven, he sees a city called New Jerusalem where God and humanity live together in peace. The city’s life and light are provided by the Lamb-Jesus. The city’s inhabitants include people from every nation on earth. (Rev 21)