Good afternoon, friends in Christ. The readings coming up for the second Sunday in Lent are Psalm 121; Genesis 12:1-9; Romans 4;1-8, 13-17; John 3:1-17. Abram was called by God to do something truly remarkable. Go, leave everything he knew behind and follow God’s calling to a place he’d never seen before. His home, like ours, we may imagine was a place of comfort, safety, and routine. All of that he would be leaving behind. So what made him do it? The Bible tells us it was his faith in the LORD. The Genesis reading is piled high with promises. God says, “I will show…I will make…I will bless…I will curse…” And what was God’s final and ultimate promise? That through Abram “all nations will be blessed.” Abram was only able to take his journey on the strength of those promises from God. The journey only made sense if God was in charge. And with God in charge, taking this journey was the only choice that made sense. Has God ever called you to do something in your life that seemed both adventurous and perhaps a little bit crazy like Abram’s journey?  If He has, it was surely not just about blessing you but even more about using you to be a blessing to others – just as He did with Abram. Being open to such a calling from God means, above all else, remembering He’s in charge and trusting Him to lead the way. God bless your week in Christ!