Good morning, friends in Christ!  The readings for Sunday will be Matthew 14:22-33; Romans 10:5-17; Job 38:4-18; Psalm 18:1-9.

When I was growing up I remember being wowed by sci-fi stories about hover-cars, underwater cities, and vacations on Mars. According to the stories’ authors, these dreams would be realized in my lifetime – I couldn’t wait to grow up! As an adult, I’m still a fan of sci-fi and I remain fascinated and awestruck by our advances in technology. But with a car that can’t fly and no sign of any underwater metropolis, my dreams have been tempered by a healthy dose of reality and… humility.

We human beings will always be over-estimating our ability to control our environment. When He pummels Job with the repeated question, “Where were you…?”, God is also exposing our sinful pride (Job 38). When He walks on water to greet His disciples, Jesus shows both His unique mastery over Creation and His ability to care for them (Matt. 14). Thankfully, our future is not determined by our ability to control things, but by our ability to trust God. The problems we face in this life can be big, frustrating, and scary. But our God is bigger, and it’s HIS control over our circumstances that should make us confident. Is there something you are trying to control, but can’t? Trust God with that.