The Equality Act is before Congress. It sounds innocent. All Americans should enjoy equality and the protections of the U.S. Constitution. But in elevating sexual orientation to a protected class, the Equality Act will bring sweeping changes to current laws, to the great detriment of the religious and constitutional freedoms of biblically faithful churches, institutions, Christian schools and individuals…

–   The biblical teaching that marriage is between a man and a woman is to be labeled forever a mere “sex-based stereotype.”

  • The Equality Act expands the definition of “public accommodation” and puts an ultimatum to individuals, religious non-profits, food banks, schools, charities, adoption agencies and others: “Change your faith-based practices or face government punishment.”
  • Religious schools (K-12 and universities) are a prime target of the Equality Act, which will make it difficult to maintain standards for admission and codes of Christian conduct for students, faculty and staff.  
  • The Equality Act will forbid college students from using federal tuition assistance at schools that maintain standards of conduct on the basis of the Bible regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Sex-specific facilities and female-only spaces could be eliminated. Biological males will have the right to participate in female sports.
  • The Equality Act will eliminate the significant protections of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, passed by Congress and signed into law in 1993. 
  • The Equality Act contains no conscience protections for medical staff who choose not to perform abortions, even if they have religious objections.

The Equality Act was recently passed by the House and is currently pending in the Senate. [Scheduled for Senate Judiciary Committee on March 17th]

We encourage all LCMS people to: 

1. Treat all people with kindness and respect (Mark 12:31), while holding firmly to the faith (Jude 3).

2. Become informed about the Equality Act and the issues of gender dysphoria. 

3. Consider your role as Christian citizens and make your voice known to your elected officials.

4. Pray for our officials, government and the church in these challenging days.

…No matter the course of this or any legislation, Christ will sustain His church. Our hope is not in laws, Congress or courts. Our hope is Christ. “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Matt. 28:20).

Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison

To read Pres. Harrison’s full letter: www.lcms.org

Sen. Ben Sasse:  (202) 224-4224

Sen. Deb Fischer: (202) 224-6551