St Paul Lutheran Church Utica needs your help to share Easter Joy.
We are asking you to make a selfie video of no longer than 5 seconds with an Easter Greeting and send it to OJ so he can compile them for Easter Sunday. Below is a video to help you know how to send them.
* Deadline for sending a video is Wednesday April 8th at midnight.
* Please use one of the 3 ways shared in the video below. We won’t be able to provide any technical assistance due to workload this week. So ask your friends for help if you run into challenges.
* Please make your video in landscape mode (held horizontal) only.
If you don’t want to watch the whole video; below are the times in the video the different devices are discussed.
Apple devices (includes Macs, though not mentioned): -10:48 left (approx 1 min into the video)
Android devices: -8:40 left (approx 3:17 into the video)
PC Users: -4:10 left (approx 7:44 into the video)
Closing: -0:22 left (approx 11:34 into the video)