Readings for 2nd Sunday of Easter

(John 20:19-31) – The risen Jesus enters a locked room, bringing the peace of his resurrection to fearful disciples. In addition to this peace, Jesus also gives them the Holy Spirit along with orders to go out into the world and speak on his behalf. This responsibility of binding and unbinding sins in the name of Christ, we call the Office of the Keys.

(1 John 1:1-2:2) – John contrasts the two distinct spiritual ways of life that are available to every person. The Way of Darkness means alienation from God. It is accompanied by a refusal to admit one’s faults or to live according to God’s commands. The Way of Light means fellowship with God. With it comes a desire to confess and receive God’s forgiveness, as well as the desire to live by God’s commands. There is no middle ground between these two ways.

(Acts 4:32-35) – After the first Christians became filled with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, this led to major changes in the way they lived with and related to one another in the Church. People gladly shared and sacrificed their material possessions for one another.

A major theme running through these readings is “Fellowship”. Being a Christian is never just a matter between you and God. Having fellowship with God also means having fellowship with fellow believers – an experience that can be both joy-filled and “messy”. How have you found being in fellowship with other Christians to be a blessing? What might you do to help strengthen the fellowship within your Christian community?