Blessed Epiphany! This is the season of divine manifestations – God revealing Himself in new ways through the life events of His Son. The readings for Sunday are Mark 1:4-11; Romans 6:1-11; Genesis 1:1-5.

In order for Jesus to accomplish God’s plan of salvation, it was vital that he never forget who he was. So at his baptism, Jesus hears his Father say, “You are my beloved Son” (Mk 1). That assurance would sustain our Lord as his obedience to the Father was tested.

Followers of Jesus need that same daily reminder as we face temptation and testing in the world. Through your baptism, you have been joined to Christ. God claims you as His beloved son or daughter (Rom 6). To live in unrepentant sin is the same as denying you are His child!

The Genesis reading describes in vivid detail how the Holy Spirit hovered over the waters of an unformed creation, just as He would later at Jesus’ baptism (Gen 1). That same Spirit now moves in you so that you can live as a new creation – a child of God who rejects sin and pursues righteousness.