November 13, 2020

Members of St. Paul,

Pandemic fatigue is real. We’re all feeling it. We’re tired of the isolations and the cancellations. We’re tired of the negative news reports. We just want it all to be over.

The reality, though, is that things are getting worse in Nebraska. Four Corners Health has now put us in phase red – severe community spread. Our governor and local health providers are warning that our hospitals could be overloaded within a matter of weeks if we don’t act now to slow its spread. 

(Go to the governor’s website and read his letter from Nov. 11th, “Protect Our Hospitals”.)

We, as Christians, should be setting the example for our neighbors by doing what we can to slow the spread of COVID-19. Wash your hands. Social distance. Wear a mask. It’s not about fear – it’s about love. This is how we take care of the most vulnerable members of our congregation and help our doctors and nurses who are already being overworked.

The leadership of St. Paul’s is strongly encouraging all who worship with us to wear a mask. We offer this not as a mandate, but as a Gospel appeal. We are asking that masks be worn especially when you are entering and leaving the church, since it is more difficult to maintain social distance at these times. Singing is a wonderful part of our worship. Wearing a mask while singing isn’t the most comfortable, but it can help to slow the spread. If we all do this, we can hopefully avoid the need to quarantine for two weeks (due to an unmasked exposure at church) or suspend in-person worship.

We all have a job to do now. Let’s show people that we are willing to make personal sacrifices to help “the least of these” (Matt. 25:40). I am confident that God has this under His sovereign control. And like all earthly troubles, “this too shall pass”. But let us not miss the opportunity we have now to live the Gospel by helping our neighbors.

Always in Christ,

Pastor Dunbar

St. Paul Council Members