Readings for Lent 5

(Mark 10:32-45) – Jesus expresses his determination to go to Jerusalem fully knowing that he will suffer terrible things there and be put to death. His disciples are amazed and afraid. James and John, in particular, cannot square Jesus’ intentions with their own notions of what good leadership looks like. To be a leader in God’s Kingdom requires one to be a humble servant who sacrifices for the sake of others.

(Hebrews 5:1-10) – Christ was appointed to be the last and greatest high priest of God’s people. As our high priest he once offered his own body as payment for our sins. Still today, Christ acts as our Mediator, speaking to God the Father on our behalf.

(Jeremiah 31:31-34) – Jeremiah foretells the new covenant that God would make with us through His Son, Jesus Christ. Unlike the first covenant that sought holiness through obedience to the 10 commandments, this new covenant will be based on the forgiveness of sins. Holiness and obedience in Christ are the result of a clean conscience that looks to Christ instead of oneself.

Where has God called you to lead? How would you rate your leadership? What can you learn from Christ?