Hello friends!

This week at Jr. High youth group we’re going to be trying something a little different-

In Philippians 1:3-11¬†Paul prays that the Philippian Christians’ “love may abound more and more,¬†with knowledge and all discernment” (v.9) and a big step of that growth in our faith is asking the questions we have about our faith, even the really hard ones, as we encounter them.

Often times people have difficult and very good questions about God, faith, and life as His children that they never ask because they’re not encouraged to ask them, feeling that the questions may be ‘taboo,’ but these questions we have are import to discuss!This Sunday at youth group we’re going to hopefully encourage the asking of those questions.

I’ll have a hat of questions for them to draw from, and for every question they answer, they can ask me any question they want about God, faith, and life as His children.

Thanks everyone!