Good morning, friends in Christ! This Sunday begins the six-week season of Lent which is a time of preparation for Easter. The readings are Psalm 32:1-7; Genesis 3:1-21; Romans 5:12-19; Matthew 4:1-11. These readings invite us to think more deeply about the nature of sin. The sins that you and I commit from day to day are bad not just  because they are sins. They are bad, more importantly, because the damage they inflict on our relationships. All sins are relational. You see that in the Genesis story where Adam and Eve, having disobeyed God’s command, now feel they must hide from Him. People still try to hide from God today. Not praying, not going to church, or not spending time with fellow Christians are all forms of hiding from God and one another. But when we cut ourselves off from God the problem can only get worse. Thankfully, we have a God who seeks us out. He initiates a conversation with Adam and Eve that brings them out of hiding and brings their sin into the light so that it can be forgiven. Questions to consider this week: Have you ever felt yourself pulling away from God? What caused you to feel that way? Do you know of someone who has pulled away from God? How might you be the voice of the Father to bring them out of hiding?

Don’t forget about our 7:00PM Ash Wednesday service this week. God be with you today!