Hello friends!

This week at Sr. High Youth Group we’re going to be doing one of my favorite, a “Bigger or Better” Scavenger Hunt. Simply, we’ll divide into teams of 4-6 and each team will start off with a quarter. The teams will then leave the church, on-foot, and go around Utica and as they find people they ask “Do you have anything bigger or better than this quarter that you would trade?” As they keep going and keep trading, it’s always fun to see what they end up. In the past I’ve seen groups come back with everything from a mattress to a chandelier, to a (borrowed) pet dog! After a time limit, all teams return to the church and submit their results to the judges to see who wins.

We’ll have snacks and drinks here at the church, so come one and come all for the good time!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.