Bazaar Schedule for K-8 Parents

Below is the list of work times for the Bazaar on November 10 & 11 from the signup:  Please sign up if you haven’t – it’s for all school parents. If you cannot work your scheduled time, please switch with someone. It is your responsibility to find your own replacement.  Thank you for your help! Everyone’s help is A MUST to make the work lighter and the fundraiser successful! NOTE:  ALL K-8 SCHOOL FAMILIES WILL NEED TO BRING 2 BAKE SALE ITEMS FOR THE FREE WILL DONATION BAKE SALE THAT WILL BE HELD IN THE CAFETERIA OR YOU MAY BRING CRAFT ITEMS IF YOU WOULD PREFER.

Saturday, November 10th


8:30am-10:00am (set up & food prep)     8:00pm-9:00 pm (set out rolls to rise)

Chris Payne Dayna Hoops

Trisha Sams Heather Meyer

Steph Ruether Danielle Grantski

Brent Uffelman JoAnn Chestnut


   Sunday, November 11th


6:00am-8:00am (baking)

Carrie Gumaer

Jill Payne

Liz Nolar

  1. ____________


7:00 am- 9:00 am (soups/drinks) Also accept bake sale items

Heather Wellman

Wendy Stuhr

Kara Fehlhafer

10:00am-Noon (kitchen) 10:00 am – Noon (bake sale)     10:00 -Noon (money box)

Kyle Wasser Christal Barth 1.______________

Teresa Rathjen

Tricia Hirschfeld

Jessica Luebbe

Kara Hawley

Kelly Fehlhafer


10:30- 12:30 Drinks


  1. Pastor Dunbar will be there when he is done with Sunday School


Noon-close (Kitchen)                     Noon-Close (bake sale)

Lindsay Wasser Sherry Hoffschneider

Karyn Backhus




Clean up

Kerry Hoffschneider Theresa Fritz

Jami Utter Alex Lekai